FAQ 2017-08-14T16:42:18+00:00
Where are you based? 2017-08-09T11:17:00+00:00

I am based in Bucharest, Romania.

What about your style? 2017-08-09T15:40:01+00:00

80% of the time, it’s photo journalistic style. The rest of 20% are creative portraits, family and group photos.

I don’t like to interfere in event progress, so, in this case you won’t notice me even though I shot all day long.


Are you a destination wedding photographer? 2017-08-09T11:21:14+00:00

Yes, I am a destination wedding photographer. I love to shot weddings in new places and it’s always a challenge.

We don’t live in Romania. How can we communicate? 2017-08-09T11:15:57+00:00

With my clients from abroad I communicate by phone or Skype.

How do we arrange your travel? 2017-08-14T17:07:24+00:00

The travel costs are apart of my packages. If you have time to make the reservation for airfare, hotel & transportation, it’s OK. If you don’t have enough time, I can search for best prices.

For Europe, expect 400€ cost more or less for transportation & accommodation for me and my team.

Do you work alone? 2017-08-09T13:56:06+00:00

No, for sure! πŸ™‚

I come with  a second photographer, because different points of view are important, and one light assistant to have the perfect lighting.

How many photos we will receive? 2017-08-09T15:46:39+00:00

I don’t have a limit of photos to take. I always shot everything and the number depends on how big the event is or what happens there.

I usually take 4000 photos on a full day coverage. I chose for fine editing 400 shots (depends on your package), and the rest we’ll be delivered in JPEG format, untouched.

Please check the Packages section for detailed info.

How long before the wedding should we book you? 2017-08-09T13:13:55+00:00

Generally, most of the requests arrive between 6 and 8 months. I suggest you to send an inquire with at least 6 months prior to wedding.

Also, you can inquire anytime, and might have that day available.

How should we book you? 2017-08-14T17:04:07+00:00

After I verify my availability for your wedding date, you will receive a contract from me.

The contract must be signed, scanned, and emailed back to me.

A 20% of the contract value must be paid in advance by bank transfer or PayPal payment.

The rest of the contract need to be paid after the wedding.

Traditional photos? 2017-08-09T15:43:00+00:00

Of course I do traditional photos. Like family photos, group photos, flowers, details, etc.

Also, during the day, if you want a specific photo or you wish to make a photo with someone I am there πŸ™‚

Do you also offer video? 2017-08-09T15:44:32+00:00

Unfortunately not, but I can recommend you some good video makers to create a reportage style film.

Who is going to choose the photos? 2017-08-09T15:44:19+00:00

Because I will be your wedding photographer, I will chose the best photos for post production.

Do you make albums? 2017-08-09T15:43:55+00:00

For sure! Every package listed includes at least one photo-book album.

If you want extra albums, we will discuss about it.

Delivery timeline? 2017-08-09T15:44:07+00:00

I usually deliver my work in 2 weeks from the wedding date. However, in high season (May-September), expect a 4 weeks delivery timeline.

How we will receive the final work? 2017-08-09T15:43:44+00:00

After everything is done, you will receive the DVD box + USB flash drive with the photos & slideshow, along with the album(s) by international courier.

What is your work flow? 2017-08-09T15:43:29+00:00

After the wedding, allow me one day for recovery πŸ™‚

After that day, it goes like this:

  1. I walk through the entire photos and choose all good photos
  2. I walk through all good photos and chose the ones for post production
  3. After finishing the post production process, all photos and the slideshow will be uploaded in our private Client Area
  4. Now I start the album(s) creation process
  5. The album(s) template will be sent to you for opinion
  6. After album(s) is done, I will send you by international courier the final work
Any particular requirements or tips for the wedding day? 2017-08-14T17:08:06+00:00

I need to know the complete plan of the wedding day. Surprises are for the guests, not for me πŸ™‚

Space and light are very important. If the room used for preparation is crowded or dark, I can’t offer my best. Also, for the reception, consider some stage lights (usually the music bands/DJ’s are using them).