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Adrian Metzak – Destination Wedding Photographer

Adrian Metzak - Destination wedding photographerHello, I am Adrian Metzak, a destination wedding photographer.

I live in Bucharest, Romania, with my wife and our three kids.

Here is a short story about my beginning in photography:

17 years ago a friend of mine came and asked me the best question for a Romanian. It was just shortly after I have graduated from university and my plans didn’t have anything to do, yet, with settling down, finding my better half so on and so forth.

  • Adrian, do you want to flee to America?

The answer was obviously a big YES. And he started explaining to me that I should go for an interview as a photographer onboard Cruise Ships. After 6 months I succeeded to pass the interview.

One year later I was on my way to New York to embark on Queen Mary 2, the most luxurious cruise ship of that time and now. Realizing that running away from a nice job, just to sneak into the US was not an opportunity anymore, I kept doing what  I was enjoying more and more, namely taking amazing photos of passengers traveling around the globe. I have managed in less than one year to be promoted as a senior photographer.

I have managed in less than one year to be promoted as a senior photographer and after another 3 years, I became Business Manager, running an over $60.000 per week business. Still, photography wise I wasn’t feeling like I was doing real professional photos, my onboard work being a bit limited by the office, which requested quantity in the detriment of the creativity. I was far away from becoming a destination wedding photographer.

So, after 7 years I gave up the “sailor” life and started my own photography business in Romania.

I was looking to find my own photography style, trying to study what the best photographers around the world were doing. I have discovered that black and white photos are the most appreciated ones, but to be honest, just delivering a wedding album in only black and white is a bit too much. Weddings are about passion, emotions, beauty… In my opinion, colorful photos might just express a bit more the feeling of that enormously important day for the couple in love.

The best is to do whatever you want in life with one simple condition, LOVE WHAT YOU’RE DOING. This is how you’re going to develop yourself, your skills and talent and become better and better with every press of the magical shutter.

If you will ask me why I love to be a destination wedding photographer, I can answer very clear:

I love to travel in new places, even that I’ve traveled so far in 62 countries! It’s always a challenge!

About my style

I can say that natural reactions are the best. That’s why I won’t let myself be noticed during your big day. This is the best way to take pictures that capture natural emotions and it’s called “photojournalism”.

During the day, I’m always looking for best natural lights for portraits and composition. In this case, these creative portraits become a piece of art for you.

I am proud to be a member of International Photography Associations

Fearless, MyWed and WPS member